Recent Stock Sale III – March 2017

As I posted over last weeks, I’ve been selling positions in companies due to the reasons documented reasons in prior posts. I kept steady in almost completing my strategy of performing a big spring cleanup operation to keep some cash on the side. I believe that most of the selling is behind but market could throw an unexpected curve ball and plans need to be adjusted.

Last week, I completely sold positions in following 9 companies: COP, CVX, ED, GE, GILD, MRK, PG, WFC and XOM. Selling of these and earlier companies does not mean that I do not like them, but, its a matter of raising some dry powder and buy them at lower entry points, as compared to what the market is offering currently.

So far, I’ve sold 56 companies in my portfolio, with remaining companies close to 41, still a decent size for a diversified portfolio. I consider it prudent to sell some of the companies while the market is offering better prices, rather than when the bear strikes. 

Are you planning to add companies and/or plan to sell any company in near term.

3 thoughts on “Recent Stock Sale III – March 2017

  1. I believe the energy sector is a strong one to stay in. We might see XOM and CVX go down some but oil will be back up to $60 a barrel year end. Gild is a good long term play. Their still sitting on a lot of cash.

    • Hi Joe,

      Problem with energy sector is that it is highly cyclical in nature and prices could fluctuate a lot within a short span of time. I still like some of these big integrated O&G companies as oil could hit $60 and these companies would be good deal, however, on the other end, oil may slide to $40, its anybody’s conjecture. I wanted to lighten my portfolio to make way for future buys. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  2. For now my plan is to continue making those monthly buys, large or small but still buying. I’m not against selling by any means I just want to keep my investments working for me instead of building up a major cash position. As you stated, you still have dozens of companies working for you which is more than most people have so at least some passive income can still be coming in.

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