Recent Stock Sale I – April 2017

Last week, I continued my strategy of selling positions in companies to raise some cash due to the reasons documented in prior posts. I kept steady at it and now, a big spring cleanup is becoming a summer trimming. I believe that most of the selling is behind but market could still throw an unexpected curve ball and plans can change.

Last week’s sales were bitter sweet as I really like these companies and have been building positions over time, however, I’ve to stick to my strategy to keep some dry powder when market corrects. I completely sold positions in following 2 companies: BNS and RY. As I said, it was difficult to part these two companies, however, I hope that I could purchase them at a better price at some point in future.

So far, I’ve sold 58 companies in my portfolio, with remaining companies close to 39, still a fair decent size for a diversified portfolio. I consider it prudent to sell some of the companies while the market is offering better prices, rather than waiting when it really starts tanking.

What do you think about my strategy of selling some companies or Are you considering similar move in near future?

11 thoughts on “Recent Stock Sale I – April 2017

  1. This is the million dollar question ain’t it? Ive seen a bunch of blogs selloff back in Dec and missed the gains and also 4 months of dividend payments. Of course the market is high and with all these bombs going off across the pond its a little sketchy. I believe in holding good companies long term tho. Best of luck hope it works out for ya!

    • Hi PCI,

      Probably a few trillions of dollars of question 🙂 I just wanted to keep some cash and definitely buying these companies at some point in future.Its possible that market may make another all time high and I’m still in the game, that would be a good too. Will the market celebrate 10th of bull, no one knows: that will be the longest ever. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  2. A couple I plan on selling but have to add to them to make it worth while so it could be awhile. I also have another company I could sell but I’m editing to see what it does if it drops I will add more to it.

    • Hi Doug,

      Very interesting take: holding good companies for long time is a good idea. What company are you planning to sell. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  3. BNS and RY!?!? I’m sure that was a TOUGH call to make. I like the Canadian banks a lot and yes they came roaring back as the price of oil climbed but those are some key, cornerstone, core or whatever word you want to use to describe them, stocks. I bet this sale was hard to do. I’m still holding everything. I would only consider a sale if I question a company doing business long term. TROW comes to mind with all the fintech, roboadvice that’s “disruptive.” But even that stock represents a micro portion of my portfolio so I may just hold. As you mentioned, you still have a pretty good size portfolio so you aren’t ‘out of the game’ just taking a back seat for now. I get it.

    • Hi DH,

      It was! never saw that coming. I like Canadian banks too and will be adding them at some point. I’m still in the game, though, lying low for now. I thought of adding TROW in past but, did not come to pull the trigger yet. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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    • Hi BHL,

      Hope these sells work out for me, keeping fingers crossed. As market is still bubbly, so, selling allowed me to raise some cash, book some profit and get ready for next round of building portfolio. I still maintain a decent number of companies, just wanted to keep some dry powder for bear market. Even Fed has acknowledged that market has got ahead of itself: that’s a red herring, remember famous Greenspan’s comment and what happened afterward: rest is history. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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