Recent Stock Purchase III – June 2015

I’m into the 2nd month of my race towards earning my financial freedom: $3000 Per Month and I’m excited to post that I made several dividend stock purchases to keep up the momentum build from the last month of May. I invested a total sum of $2,347.54 in four companies that have dividend yields in the vicinity of 5%. While the fixed deposits and bonds yielding much lower, these Dividend Growth Investing (DGI) stocks are not only a great instrument to get higher yield but also could be used to help fuel growth to cover inflation in retirement.

Below are 4 companies that I put my dollars to jump start my goals for this year and keep at the race 🙂

1) Glaxo SmithKline plc (GSK) 

GSK is a UK pharmaceutical company and yields north of 6%, which is awesome. I added 10 positions on 6/16 at $42.90 for a total of $429.90, making a total of 45 positions. 

2) Realty Income (O)

O is a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) company and yields close to 5%. I bought 10 positions on 6/16 at $45.32 for $454.19 and added another 10 positions on 6/19 at $46.12 for $466.20, making a total investment of $920.39. There is a risk that REITs could fall further if rates were to jump. In that case, it will be an excellent opportunity to add more to my substantial overall 50 positions.

3) Phillip Morris Intl, Inc. (PM)

PM is a tobacco company and an offshoot of Altria (MO) and in the past, these have been nice wealth builder, not considering any ethical aspects. Due to dollar currency appreciation, it has corrected recently, sports close to 5% yield and at a good valuation. I bought 5 positions on 6/16 at $81.53 for a total of $408.64 and now making up a total of 25 positions.

4) Royal Dutch Shell plc (RDS B)

RDS B is an energy company based in UK and has a long rich history, however, due to oil price shock, it has massively corrected which provides a buying opportunity. I purchased 10 positions on 6/16 at $58.86 for a total of $589.60.

I’ve already starting receiving some dividends this month of June and excited to post at the end of this month.

Full Disclosure: Long on above mentioned stocks.

Thanks for reading.

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