Recent Stock Purchase III – November 2015

Market volatility has become a new game in the town, providing some great buying opportunities to a patient investor. I invested in 2 companies: Altria Group, Inc. (MO) and Ventas Inc. (VTR) last week. I plan to use these dividend growth stocks to fuel my passive dividend income in the coming weeks and months. Portfolio shows the latest positions as of Nov 1st.

Below are the companies that I put my capital on towards my race for earning $3000 per month in 3000 days. Last month, I completed 180 days of my race. It has been an incredible race so far. Without further ado:

1) Altria Group, Inc. (MO): 25 positions at $57.09 on 11/20
2) Ventas Inc. (VTR): 10 positions at $52.72 on 11/20

Above investments will help in achieving my goal of adding $1 per day so that after 3000 days, I reach $3000 per month. I’ve 53 wonderful companies in my portfolio, achieving my initial goal to own 50 companies. I’m fairly diversified across various sectors and not putting all eggs in one basket, however, I plan to add few more quality companies.

The beauty of growing dividends is that they will be working for me to earn more dividends, setting off a compounding engine and snowball. That will propel me towards the cherished goal of financial independence.

Full Disclosure: Long on above mentioned stocks.

Thanks for reading.

Are you considering to buy any of these companies or companies in same sector.

6 thoughts on “Recent Stock Purchase III – November 2015

  1. Nice purchases, Race. I am a fellow shareholder in VTR. MO is something that Ive always been interested in, but remain skeptical of growth int their primary business – cigarettes – as the number of smokers is declining year after year. I do like the alcohol business segment in MO though.


    • Hi R2R,

      Glad to be fellow shareholder. I’ve turned my attention to REITs and VTR, HCP, OHI are the primary companies that I’m interested along with WPC. I like the valuation of PM better than MO but already own a bit. Since I like to diversify different asset classes in this segment, BUD and DEO looks like good choices. Thanks as always and commenting.

  2. No secret I like the VTR buy. it will be interesting to see how the REITs fare going into the Dec. Fed meeting. We have seen a lot of volatility in recent weeks in the space giving long term buys many great entry points. Nice current yield with these two additions. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi DH,

      Yeah. No question about that. It’ll be interesting to see how REITs will perform going into Dec and most likely get 1st raise in interest rate after almost a decade: so far, we are living in ZIRP environment and it will be quite a moment to observe how securities and market will behave. With bull market into 7th year and long on tooth, I’ve a feeling that we will have a down market next year, we will see. However, for patient investor, it could be a buying opportunity. Thanks for stopping by and appreciate your perspective.

  3. Nice buys R2R! You invested in some powerhouse dividend paying companies right there. Talk about some serious income being added to your portfolio! I am a big fan of VTR and am pretty pissed off that I wasn’t able to enter the company before the spin-off. Have you taken a look at their other major competitor HCP as well?

    Keep up the great work and keep on marching towards financial freedom.


    • Hi Bert,

      It looks like VTR has many fans 🙂 including yours truly. I feel comfortable to hold both VTR and HCP, this helps to spread the risks if one company in same segment does not do well, can be well compensated by other competitor. So, yes, I’ll be adding HCP, OHI, WPC as well. You are also firing on all cylinders with all those new buys. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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