Recent Stock Purchase III – June 2016

I added a new company in Pebblebrook Hotel Trust. (PEB) from my watch list and positions in 3 existing companies in fourth week of June. I plan to keep adding these dividend growth stocks to grow my passive dividend income to a point where all my expenses are covered by passive income generated by them.

Below are the companies where I put my capital on towards my race for earning $3000 per month in 3000 days. Last month, I completed 390 days of my freedom race and it was nice to have crossed $1000 in passive income for the first time. Without further ado:

1) Nike, Inc (NKE): 5 positions at $55.00 on 6/22
2) Pebblebrook Hotel Trust. (PEB): 10 positions at $27.75 on 6/20
3) Telus Corp. (TU): 10 positions at $32.45 on 6/22
4) Toronto-Dominion Bank. (TD): 10 positions at $43.97 on 6/22

Due to addition of new companies over last several weeks, total number went up to 94 wonderful companies in my portfolio. Following companies are in my watch-list over coming weeks and months: Modelez Intl., Inc. (MDLZ) and Spectra Energy (SE).

Full Disclosure: Long on above mentioned stocks except MDLZ, SE.

What do you think about these recent buys?

4 thoughts on “Recent Stock Purchase III – June 2016

  1. HI R2R,

    could you briefly (2-3 bullets) write why you decided to buy each share? I know these are high quality companies, nevertheless I am wondering what are the reasons you’ve selected these 4 companies (and 2 on watch list),

    Best regards,

    • Hi DT,

      Appreciate the query. I’ve mentioned earlier my criteria of selecting companies: a) dividends around 3%, except for some great growing companies b) company has fair valuation by measure of PE, PEG, etc. c) history of dividends and their growth over a period of time. Based on these parameters, I make my opinion for current buys and watch list and of-course all investors have their selection criteria and I respect that. I hope it answers your query. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    • Hi IH,

      Yeah. I’ve been reading a lot about PEB and found it suitable for my holding. However, reits have moved up a lot in recent times, and I’m getting worried about their valuation.

      BREXIT pullback was very mild, as if it never happened: all loss of 2 days was erased in 3 days: this has been a wild ride for all investors. This quarter comps may start looking good to fair and market might set new highs this summer, instead of Brexit doldrums: market always does its own thing 🙂 For us patient investors, we need to hold our breadth and keep moving. Thanks for stopping by as always.

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