Recent Stock Purchase III – August 2015

I made few purchases 2nd week of August. Market has been swinging this summer. I invested $3,156.68 last week. I plan to use these Dividend Growth Investing stocks to fuel my passive dividend income in the coming weeks and months. My portfolio is here: Freedom Race Portfolio.

Below are the companies that I put my capital on towards my race for earning $3000 per month in 3000 days.

1) BP plc (BP): 10 positions at $36.00 on 8/13: $360.00
2) GlaxoSmithKline (GSK): 10 positions at $43.70 on 8/12: $437.00
3) Kinder Morgan, Inc. (KMI): 10 positions at $33.13 on 8/12: $331.38
4) ONEOK Inc. (OKE): 10 positions at $36.27 on 8/12: $362.70
5) Phillip Morris Intl., Inc. (PM): 5 positions at $85.00 on 8/11: $425.00
6) Royal Dutch Shell plc (RDS B): 10 positions at $56.76 on 8/14: $567.60
9) AT&T Inc. (T): 20 positions at $33.65 on 8/12: $673.00

Market is pushing me harder to run my race, though, it will help me to catch up towards my goal. Now, I’ve 47 wonderful companies in my portfolio, close to my initial goal of owning 50 companies so that I’m diversified across various sectors and not putting all eggs in one basket.

I’m excited to report that my portfolio crossed half of 6-figures: $50,000.00+ that is an achievement for myself as well as inspiration for the readers, especially, when I started my race from zero. It is possible to achieve FI if you strive for it and keep working on it: slow and steady wins the race!

Full Disclosure: Long on above mentioned stocks.

Thanks for reading.

Do you own any of the above companies or contemplating to buy?

2 thoughts on “Recent Stock Purchase III – August 2015

  1. More higher yielding names being added. Kudos for not letting the market swoon put fear into your investing habits. Keep building that dividend snowball.

    • Hi DivHut,

      Yeah. With the market correcting, some of the energy companies and reits have started to sport good yields, a blessing to take. My worry is whether energy companies will start cutting dividends and if they did, their prices will go even further down. Although, focus is towards the passive dividends, however, a significant dent in portfolio value could make some dent to our pride 🙂 However, I’m after the growing snowball at the end of day.

      Thanks for stopping by and appreciate your comments.

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