Recent Stock Purchase III – April 2016

I initiated positions in 5 new companies in third week of April. Also, I’d added positions in an ETF last month: S&P Metals and Mining (XME) as I do not own much of commodity or resources stocks and want to have some exposure to this beaten down sector. This sector looks quite promising and ready to take off in my opinion.

Below are the companies where I put my capital on towards my race for earning $3000 per month in 3000 days. Last month, I completed 330 days of my freedom race and it was nice to have crossed $800 in passive income for the first time. Without further ado:

1) AES Corp (AES): 25 positions at $11.27 on 4/20
2) Chatham Lodging Trust (CLDT): 25 positions at $21.66 on 4/18
3) EPR Properties (EPR): 5 positions at $64.63 on 4/22
4) Royal Bank of Canada (RY): 10 positions at $62.20 on 4/20
5) Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (WMT) 5 positions at $69.33 on 4/21

Due to addition of new companies over last several months, total number increased by 11 in my portfolio. I’m watching following companies for adding positions in my portfolio, love to hear views of the DGI bloggers. If you like another company, please mention in below comments. Thank you for your opinions & suggestions, as they provide fodder for new ideas 🙂

1) Southern Co. (SO)
2) Realty Income, Corp. (O)
3) Consolidated Edison, Inc. (ED)

Full Disclosure: Long on above mentioned stocks.

Do you like or considering to buy above companies.

4 thoughts on “Recent Stock Purchase III – April 2016

  1. R2R,

    I see Chatham coming up more and more between Blogger, WordPress, and Seeking Alpha. It’s really gaining steam. Good thing you’re on the boat as it looks like there are few leaks!

    • Hi DR,

      I like reits like OHI, HCP, WPC, including CLDT but they have moved up a lot in last several weeks. I’m getting cautious in purchasing the stocks. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  2. What is your primary focus while you’re selecting stocks to invest in? It was very surprising to read the other day that past performance is not a sufficient measure to make decisions in this regard.!!!

    • Hi Johnny,

      My primary focus is to buy stocks that have growing dividends, decent PE ratio and a history of paying dividends over a significant period of time: 5-25 yrs. I fully agree that past performance is not a guarantee: good examples are many tech stocks that do not even exist. Good luck on your journey. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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