Recent Stock Purchase I – February 2016

I added 2 new companies: AbbVie Inc. and McDonald’s Corp (MCD) and additional positions in 7 existing companies in first week of February. I plan to keep accumulating these dividend growth stocks to grow my passive dividend income to a point where all my expenses are covered by the passive income generated by them.

Below are the companies where I put my capital on towards my race for earning $3000 per month in 3000 days. Last month, I completed 270 days of my freedom race and finally breached barrier of $500 in passive income. It was a big big milestone for me and I’m sure for all DGI investors. Without further ado:

1) AbbVie Inc. (ABBV): 10 positions at $54.12 on 2/05
2) Archer Daniels Midland Co. (ADM): 10 positions at $33.00 on 2/02
3) Aflac Inc. (AFL): 5 positions at $57.00 on 2/04
4) Caterpillar Inc. (CAT): 5 positions at $61.97 on 2/01
5) Consolidated Edison Inc. (ED): 5 positions at $69.41 on 2/01
6) Gilead Sciences, Inc. (GILD): 5 positions at $85.00 on 2/05
7) HCP Inc. (HCP): 10 positions at $35.79 on 2/02
8) McDonald’s Corp. (MCD): 5 positions at $115.00 on 2/05
9) Merck & Co Inc. (MRK): 5 positions at $50.00 on 2/01

I sold a small position in Shake Shack (SHAK) as it turned off to be not a good fit for my portfolio. As a result of addition of 2 new companies: AbbVie Inc. and McDonald’s Corp (MCD), total number went up by 1 to 67 wonderful companies in my portfolio.

Full Disclosure: Long on above mentioned stocks, except SHAK.

Thanks for reading.

Own any of them or considering adding them?

6 thoughts on “Recent Stock Purchase I – February 2016

  1. Congrats R2R! Crossing $500 in income is a huge accomplishment. You passed it in style too by adding shares in two great companies. I own McDonalds and it is one of our foundation stocks for a portfolio. It looks like their all day breakfast idea is turning out to be one heck of a decision for them and has provided some nice growth.

    Keep up the great work here and keep on pushing yourself towards financial freedom.


    • Hi Bert,

      Definitely. It was a big milestone for me to have finally crossed the rubicon of $500. Appreciate your kind words. I’ve been keeping an eye on MCD and should have pulled trigger little earlier. Better late than never. The growth is back with their breakfast idea for full day and we’ll be happy campers. Good luck on the year 2016! You are killing over there. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  2. Wow, buddy, you are on a shopping spree! Nice additions to your portfolio.
    Is it your strategy to buy multiple smaller batches of shares to average out the overall purchase price? Rather than say larger purchases of a few (to keep transaction cost down and potentially benefit from lower prices?). Just curious.

    • Hi Team CF,

      Yeah. I’m on shopping spree to keep adding @1 / per day in order to achieve my daunting target of $3K in 3K days. I try to reduce the transaction costs, however, even more important, I’ll like to DCA over a period of time: my reasoning is that since no one can predict the market, its better to slowly add capital over a period of say 12-18 months. If the stock price rises, you will be happy that you bought some and if they drop, you get the opportunity to add more at a lower basis. With the market volatility round the corner, there could be more opportunities as well. Thanks for stopping by and appreciate the comments.

    • Hi SAD,

      Appreciate liking the additions and it was hectic week for sure 🙂 After achieving my initial target of 50 companies, I’m looking somewhere around 70-75 companies over a longer haul. I think market is still over valued even after the correction and many companies have gone too far and they need to pull significantly before I add in my portfolio like SBUX, DIS, HD, BA, and V: do not want to be chasing these high fliers. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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