Recent Stock Purchase I – April 2016

I added positions in 5 companies in first week of April. I’d initiated a position in an ETF last month: S&P Metals and Mining (XME) as I do not own much of commodity or resources stocks and want to have some exposure to this beaten down sector. This sector looks quite promising and ready to take off in my opinion.

Below are the companies where I put my capital on towards my race for earning $3000 per month in 3000 days. Last month, I completed 330 days of my freedom race and it was nice to have crossed $800 in passive income for the first time. Without further ado:

1) BCE Inc. (BCE): 10 positions at $45.01 on 4/07
2) HCP, Inc. (HCP): 10 positions at $32.77 on 4/04
3) Hospitality Properties Trust (HPT): 10 positions at $26.27 on 4/04
4) Verizon Communications (VZ): 10 positions at $53.55 on 4/06
5) STAG Industrial, Inc. (STAG): 25 positions at $19.95 on 4/05

Due to addition of new companies over last several weeks and a reduction in one company: Keurig Green Mountain Inc. (GMCR), total number increased by 5 in my portfolio.

I’m planning to add new companies over next few weeks in my portfolio, 5 added last week. I’ll put the names of the companies for all DGI bloggers to vote and the one getting most votes get the honor of being part of my dividend engine. If you like a company that you want included in coming contest, please mention in below comments. Thanks for your suggestions and I value the opinion of DGI bloggers and investors.

Full Disclosure: Long on above mentioned stocks except GMCR.

Do you like or considering to buy above companies.

12 thoughts on “Recent Stock Purchase I – April 2016

  1. Own HCP! Nice pickup. One of the few Aristocrat REITs. While I don’t own VZ, I own ATT and and always keeping a close eye on their competitor.

    Way to add some income to your portfolio. Keep up the great work!


    • Hi Bert,

      Yeah. I like reits in general and HCP and OHI in particular, There are so many companies in telecom sector and owning both T and VZ provides some peace of mind, one sags while other zigs. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  2. Nice job. I agree metals and mining have taken a beating and the upside if there. I generally like to buy individual stocks, but I don’t really understand these businesses so I haven’t bought any mining stocks I like your idea. Maybe an ETF is the answer for me too. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi IH,

      Mining and metals segment is highly cyclical in nature, but, can provide a nice upside potential. At these multi-year low prices, a nice way to play is by owning ETF at-least so as to capture general up trend. Individual companies like ABX, FCX, SLW, GPL, BBL, GDX are nice plays as well. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  3. How have you liked STAG so far? I have been looking into grabbing a monthly paying REIT for my portfolio as I am currently without one. Been looking for something that isn’t O! Your thoughts so far?

    • Hi DR,

      I’ve owned STAG since last July and glad to have it. I really like O but it has moved up quite a lot, few others you want to look are EPR and CLDT. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    • Hi SAD,

      There is little to differentiate between VZ and T, both are good telecom companies, though, VZ is having a bit of down draft due to on-going strikes, perhaps a good time to start adding, but, you never know if there is further correction that may happen. Thanks for stopping by as always and commenting.

  4. Keeping busy with buys as always. I was wondering when you’ll be posting your April buys. I still have not pulled the trigger on anything this month but I surely will as I make to to buy at least once a month every month no matter what’s going on in the marketplace. I own HCP but none of the other names you mention. No doubt these high yielding stocks will really juice your year over returns going forward. Thanks for the update.

    • Hi DH,

      Ha! Keeping busy is a good thing for us 🙂 I need to start spring shopping and will post it soon. I really like HCP at this price, but, it has gone up a lot in last few weeks. The way I look at high yields is that they add zing to the fizz, but, you do not want to overdo it. So, these positions are very small as compared to more conservative companies. Thanks for stopping by as always and commenting.

    • Hi ED,

      Definitely, love to buy in larger shares, if I’ve got larger sums. The way I like to buy is slow drip to build up positions over time, since, we never know when prices could dramatically change: do not want to end up buying at too high, short of mental satisfaction, if you will. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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