Happy Thanksgiving…

First of all, my thoughts and prayers go out to Paris victims and their families!

Holidays round the corner, we have Thanksgiving day coming next week: Nov 26th and super shopping Black Friday on Nov 27th when most of the retailers open very early, offer promotional sales and their books going into black. It is an eagerly awaited day for lot of folks who are waiting for great deals and represents a beginning of Great Shopping season that lasts till the year end.

Thanksgiving day is celebrated as a national holiday in Canada and United States. It has religious and cultural leanings historically and considered to have association with harvest festival. It is rooted in English traditions dating long back and considered as special blessings from God. Canadian Thanksgiving is traced back to the French settlers who came to New France with the explorers and had feasts at the end of harvest season.

In Germany, it is known as Erntedankest, Japan as Niliname-sai and folks in many other countries also celebrate it. Whatever the reason of celebrating it, I’m grateful to be living in the land where Statue of Liberty stands and thank all the blessings that we have, considering that half of world – close to 3 billion people live on much less.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving Holidays!!

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