I’ll be writing yearly goals to attain a $3000 Per Month Passive Income in 3000 Days.

2015 Goals:

  1. Start the Race towards earning $3000 Per Month by creating investment account. Passed.
  2. Earn a total of $1500 in passive dividend income (revised from $1000 on 9/05/2015). Passed.
  3. Take a vacation at-least once. Passed.
  4. Explore, learn and decipher about an exotic culture or place, not necessarily visit it. Any suggestions outta there. Failed
  5. Network with other fellow bloggers. Passed.

2016 Goals:

  1. Earn a total of $7500 in passive dividend income.
  2. Take a vacation at-least once.
  3. Read at-least 2 Investment books.
  4. Pump some exercise on a regular basis.

7 thoughts on “GOALS

  1. $3000/month in passive income is not impossible if you can use leverage wisely. I invest $115k for my 4-plex, a year later, I increase rent to give myself a $10k boost in yearly income. Real estate will get you there quicker. Dividend stocks is cool because the actual work after to make your goal is to lift 1 figure to set up the automatic transfer to your bank account 🙂

    As far as place to visit, I’d recommend south east asia. Very nice, cheap, friendly people . I might live there for 10 years post early retirement, so I can continue to reinvest my passive income. So when I’m ready to be back in the state, I’ll be even more comfortable.

    • Hi Vianianne,

      $10K boost in yearly income is awesome! It will take a full throttled race of 1000 days to touch that kind of boost. Yeah, dividend income is cool where money is working for you like clock work.

      Rentals are perfectly fine to earn a living and grow wealth but it takes a certain personality to make it. I’m gifted with choosing the right kind of stocks to build up wealth slowly but steadily over 3000 days. I wish you nothing but the very best to achieve FI.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your perspective! Appreciated.

    • Hi MoI,

      Glad to hear from a new blogger and it does not take long time before the compounding engine starts to show its impact. I invest in many European companies as mentioned in Portfolio and many of them have ADR here. Often, companies operate in many nations and holding these blue chip companies help you to diversify across geography as well.
      Thanks for stopping by and good luck in your journey!

    • Hi George,

      My starting capital was not much: few thousands, that started from zero. However, important thing is that I’ve been building capital by being frugal since several years. After considering many options to deploy that capital, I chose the option of DGI. You do not need a lot of money to start investing: slowly start building it. How much you save and invest, is critical and consistently investing it is the key. Thanks for stopping by!

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