Crossed Finish Line to $100K Milestone!

I’m super excited to post that I’ve reached the milestone figure of $100K this month of Nov. My current Portfolio reading is $103,193.30 by my count. I did it!  Through my regular posts, it is well documented how I’ve come to this place. Last month, I also completed 180 days of my race. My target at the end of 180 days was $180 and I successfully achieved it.

As you all know, I started my race of 3000 days to earn $3000 per month and this month, I am onto 210 days race period and looking for $210 of passive dividend income. With all of these buys, I hope to achieve it but, it gets increasingly challenging as the race progresses due to the capital needed.

Although, I’m glad to cross the $100K finish line, however, I’m after holly-grail of passive dividend income that will come from this portfolio. This will set me up for Financial Independence (FI) and literally freedom to do what I would love to do with my time. This is the motivating force behind all this hard work. Nothing can be bigger than this: imagine you can be available for the causes that are close to your heart and even spare some extra moments for your family and kids. Freedom at work in true sense!

I started with few buys like Proctor and Gamble (PG), Realty Income (O), Royal Dutch Shell (RDS B), Kinder Morgan (KMI) and currenty, own 53 quality blue-chip companies, achieving my initial goal of 50 companies. I plan to add few more names in my portfolio collection to achieve the desired diversification, as the saying goes: don’t put all the eggs in one basket.

The support of DGI community has been incredible and I thank you whole-heartily for stopping by Race2Retirement. Thank you!

Thanks for reading.

8 thoughts on “Crossed Finish Line to $100K Milestone!

  1. Congrats! The first $100k probably the hardest. You’ve made it! Wow, 210 days for $210 income/mo is even more impressive. Keep up the great work and keep inspiring, bro!

    • Hi Vivianne,

      I guess I’d built some capital that was deployed to reach $100K figure, but, next one, requires some hard work. We will see how next one turns out. With all these buys, I’ll cross $210 this month. Last month, I crossed $300 and I was super happy to have achieved that magic number. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  2. Congratulations from Spain!
    I am in the same race as you are, pretty the same situation!
    After 7 years I have achieved to have more pasive incomes that expenses, but my current expenses are much less than 3000 per month so i continue the race just in case, but I think i will retire before 35 with much security and acceptable level of expenses.
    Keep on!
    Mucho Invertir

    • Hi MOI,

      Welcome aboard! I’m glad to know that we are in same boat and destination is same. Its awesome that you have achieved more passive income than expenses, you are truely FI! Congrats on your success and now, you can take a bit and enjoy the fruits of hard work. Retiring before 35 is simply awesome! Great job there. There will be very few folks in that category enjoying their freedom before 35. Agreed, having some buffer does not harm and provides extra cushion. My goal is to be FI in 3K days. Thanks for stopping by all the way from Spain!

    • Hi DB,

      Appreciate the kind words. We will see the journey from $100K to $200K. It’ll be fun with its twists and turns, especially all the volatility we are seeing currently. Although, I was elated to cross $100K, its the passive income that comes from this portfolio, that I’m after. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  3. Congrats on the milestone! The $100k level is awesome because it’s a psychological milestone to see that extra digit and now you really see the markets do its thing. Plus your dividends should be at a solid level which is even better. Keep up the good work! Now on to $200k!

    • Hi JC,

      Could not say better: $100K is more a psychological milestone that has an extra zero. Once you achieve it, market forces take hold and portfolio can easily fluctuate, however, if the earnings keep growing, I’ll take as it will allow to buy companies at a lower price. Its too early for me to see $200K on the horizon yet, but, would love to double income 🙂 Thanks for stopping by as always and thoughtful comments.

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